Creating a Dream Workplace

Premium Services and Amenities

We can help you better differentiate your real-estate properties

Attract More Tenants

Grow word-of-mouth referrals

Develop stronger relationships with your tenants

Generate positive authentic online reviews

Simplify Office Processes

Reduce manual error-prone efforts dealing with paper forms, sending and receiving records by fax, playing phone tag, printing and mailing billing statements in envelopes, processing payments and more

Reduce Costs and Expenses

Reduce expenses for setting up a digital office

Reduce labor costs

Reduce telecommunication expenses

Minimize Risks

Implement secure, encrypted email, texting, online forms

Reduce risks of a breach of member personal and financial information

How can we do it?

By Offering Premium Services for Your Tenants

  • Gigabit Internet Access, WiFi, Guest WiFi

  • State-of-the-art telecommunications (voice, texting, voicemail transcription via email, automated attendants, HD-quality deskphones, desktop and mobile apps, virtual fax, instant messaging)

  • Professional secure email with encryption (HIPAA-compliant)

  • Public website (online forms, upload portal, online payments, live chat, and more)

  • Team website – password-protected internal-use-only website for all organization members (workflow tracking, materials, references)

  • Management website password-protected internal-use-only website for business owners, partners, executive team (HR records, vendor records, payroll, compliance management, organization’s financials)

  • Private/Internal use instant messaging, calendar, online documents, file sync and share, online file backup

  • HR services (payroll, health-reimbursement account management and more)

  • Marketing services

  • Cafe (espresso drinks, green tea lattes, juice bar, milk shakes, ice-cream, fruits, snacks, sandwiches, wraps, pastries, desserts, and more) with discounts for tenants

  • Controlled-access recreation spaces for tenants (ping-pong table, table hockey, chess, foosball table, and more)

  • Front-desk concierge service

  • IT Support for tenants

  • Discounted equipment (computers, printers, monitors, etc.) for tenants