Waiting List

for Healthcare Providers

Simple, quick and easy to use | No app or software to download

Backfill cancellations with a push of a button in full control over which patients to select

Are you frustrated about wasting a time slot due to a cancellation when there are patients who need to be seen?

It's time-consuming to backfill cancellations by having to call one patient at a time

Patients might switch to another provider if their appointment can't be scheduled soon enough

You Do NOT Want To

🟆 End up with unfilled appointment slots due to cancellations

🟆 Lose recoveries due to cancelled appointments

🟆 Lose patients who opt to switch to other providers with earlier availability

🟆 Work more hours to compensate for cancelled appointments

Take the pain and stress out of managing waiting lists and back-filling cancellations!

Upgrade Your Waiting List | Start using the OfficeFLO® Signup App

OfficeFLO® Sign Up & Notify

Starts at $1,000/year ¹

  • A mobile-device and desktop-friendly app for patients to subscribe to receive notifications

  • A desktop app for healthcare providers to manage subscribers and send out notifications

  • Unlimited types of notifications

  • Unlimited notifications

  • Unlimited patients

OfficeFLO® Health All-Inclusive

Starts at $2,400/year ¹

  • OfficeFLO® Sign Up & Notify

  • A mobile-device and desktop-friendly Online Forms

  • A desktop app for healthcare providers to track and access uploaded health records

  • Unlimited uploads

¹ Additional fees and taxes apply. Pricing is subject to change

How Does it Work?

Get set up with your OfficeFLO® Signup app in 15 mins*

Start managing your waiting lists without pain or stress

*No app or software to download. No integration with an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system is required .

What Makes Our Solution So Special?

✔️ You are in complete control of which patient to choose for which time slot

✔️ Your patients will have peace of mind that their request for a sooner appointment will not get overlooked, and that they will get notified via their preferred method of contact

✔️ You can easily notify multiple patients on the waiting list with a push of a button

A friendly, easy to use app - optimized for people who don't like to embrace technology

Patented technology (Patent No.: US 10,621,016)

What our clients like

✔️ No stress when patient cancellations occur

✔️ An easy process to select and notify the most relevant patients

✔️ Providers do not need to work extra hours to compensate for lost recoveries due to cancellations

✔️ Fewer unnecessary calls (patients do not need to keep calling to inquire if there are any cancellations)


Without the OfficeFLO® Signup App

  • Gaps in the schedule due to patient cancellations

  • Waiting list is maintained manually (post-it notes, spreadsheets)

  • Patients are contacted one at a time (leave a voicemail if they don’t connect, wait for a call back, play phone tag)

  • Work more hours when gaps in the appointment schedule are not backfilled in time


With the OfficeFLO® Signup App

  • The appointment schedule is filled with minimum effort despite patient cancellations

  • Patients with urgent needs are prioritized to be seen sooner

  • Patients can sign up on a waiting list and choose to be notified via email or text message

  • Staff can view which patients are signed up and the reason for their visit

  • Staff can select which patients they want to notify about an available time slot

  • Selected patients are notified with a push of a button at their preferred method of contact