OfficeFLO® 🩺Telehealth

Telemedicine | Virtual (Video) Visits | Video Chat

Desktop & Mobile Apps for Voicemail & Texting

Easy to Set up | Easy to Learn | Easy to Use | Unlimited

$25/month per Practice | $35/month per User ID | No per-patient fees

*Additional government fees and taxes apply. Pricing is subject to change without notice.

🖥️ Unlimited Video Conferencing

Secure & HIPAA-Compliant (Signed BAA)

Easy, simple and quick as 1, 2, 3

Your patient sets up a telehealth appointment

At the time of the appointment, the patient clicks a telehealth button on your website

Your provider admits the patient into their video-conference and starts a telehealth session

  • The video conference is secured with multi-factor authentication. Healthcare providers, in addition to their user ID and password, must use a physical device - a security key to host a video conference

  • The video conference is easy to use for patients. To join all they need to do is click on the button on the provider's website. While no user ID or password is required, only patients explicitly admitted by the host can join the video conference

➿ State-of-the-art Voicemail

Voicemail messages are automatically transcribed and delivered via email in real-time

Desktop and mobile apps for

    • Reading transcriptions of voicemail messages

    • Listening voicemail messages

    • Searching the history of previously received voicemail messages

    • Tracking and monitoring voicemail messages

💬 Texting App

Desktop and mobile apps for

    • Sending and receiving text messages on behalf of the practice

    • Viewing and searching the history of previously sent and received text messages

Incoming text messages are automatically forwarded via email to authorized staff members

@ Secure Email

  • Professional email service

  • Functional email IDs for different roles or teams (e.g., billing, appointments, clinical staff)

  • Email retention and vault

  • User-friendly apps for desktop and mobile devices