Text Messaging

Much like Live Chat text messaging can help increase client satisfaction

  • Clients can multitask while texting
  • The discussion is documented by default - so no need to take additional notes
  • Clients can use a built-in messaging app on their mobile device, any time, anywhere (as long there is a Cellular or Internet connection)

The difference with Live Chat is that

  • Content of the chat is automatically saved in the client's messaging app
  • Phone numbers can help identify the person and verify their identity
  • Some clients may not be able to text from their desktop computers
  • Clients do not have to access your website to send text messages

For some of the topics (e.g., to ask a quick question or to set up an appointment, schedule time) some of the clients, especially millennials, would rather send a message than call your office

Waiting a few minutes for a response when texting or instant messaging is less frustrating than having to stay on hold on a phone, deal with voicemails or play phone tag

Critical Success Factors

  • Native apps for mobile devices (iOS/Android)
  • Desktop apps with an auto-start capability (Windows/Mac)
  • Ability to search previous messages
  • Buttons on your Google My Business listing and your website

Other instant messaging apps, such as WhatsApp and Viber, can be considered to provide additional flexibility for your clients