For Professional Organizations

Helping professional services firms and organizations better interact with their clients

Reducing Expenses | Minimizing Risks | Improving Employee Job Satisfaction

✔ Unlimited calling and texting (US/Canada)

✔ Unlimited fax (US/Canada)

✔ No more phone tags!

✔ Desk phones, desktop and mobile device apps

✔ Superior voicemail and automated attendants

✔ Secure email, upload portals, online forms & more...

✔ Custom-tailored public and internal-use websites

✔ Live chat

✔ Simple setup with unlimited training and support

OfficeFLO® Packages

OfficeFLO® EntreCom®

$25/month per line*

  • Crystal clear voice with unlimited calls US/Canada
  • Unlimited texting US/Canada
  • Voicemail notifications via email
  • Automated attendant (virtual receptionist) with a custom menu
  • Online Fax (send/receive electronically, email notifications)
  • Conference bridge (up to 10 participants)
  • HD desk phones (WiFi or Ethernet)
  • Analog cordless or corded phones
  • Mobile app for texting, voicemails and call history

OfficeFLO® Pro

$130/month per practice*

$25.00/month per Phone Line

$25.00/month per User ID

  • OfficeFLO® EntreCom®
  • Desktop app for texting, voicemails, and call history - see video tutorial
  • Transcribed voicemails via email
  • Professional email with military grade encryption
  • Secure online file backup and sharing, online internal use shared team disk drives
  • Public website (e.g.,
  • Live Chat
  • Unlimited training and support

OfficeFLO® Premium

$160/month per practice*

$25.00/month per Phone Line

$25.00/month per User ID

  • OfficeFLO® Pro
  • Personalized internet domain and public website
  • EntreForms®- Secure online forms for clients
  • EntreUpload® - Secure online portal for uploading clients records with confidential and sensitive information
  • Workflow management for clients records received through the website
  • Secure private internal-use websites
  • Internal-use calendar
  • Internal-use instant messaging
* Additional government fees and taxes apply. One-time equipment charges not included. Internet connectivity is required.

Improving Client Experience

Your clients will be able to

  • Text or instant message your office to schedule an appointment, or to ask your staff a question
  • Upload their confidential records securely through a website (without having to set up a User ID/password)
  • Send and receive secure emails (without having to create a new password, or access 3rd party websites)
  • Receive billing statements electronically, e.g., via secure email
  • Send payments online
  • Download mobile apps to send / receive secure emails, instant/text messages, make online payments

Additional Services

Client Notifications

  • Self-managed waiting lists & more to enable clients to subscribe to receive notifications about appointment cancellations, office delays, closings
  • Eliminate labor costs and efforts to maintain waiting lists manually
  • Reduce a risk of errors or inaccurate contact info

Compliance Management

  • Policies and procedures as an online encyclopedia (just like Wikipedia!)
  • On-demand online training for staff (just like Khan Academy!)
  • Ready-to-use and easy-to-understand prepackaged policies and procedures in a paperback format

Electronic billing and online payments

  • Invoicing
  • Payment service
  • Easy-to-use mobile apps ( iOS | Android )
  • No need to complete PCI DSS Self-Assessment Questionnaire, self-validate or to perform quarterly scans