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Healthcare organizations must comply with federal and state regulations, such as HIPAA or state privacy laws

In addition, for various reasons, state-of-the-art business models and technologies that are commonplace in many other industries, such as banking, finance, travel, transportation, insurance, retail, distribution are still hard to find in healthcare

Many doctor offices, clinics, hospitals still rely on fax, paper forms, billing statements on paper, payments sent in envelopes

Patients typically have to engage with healthcare organizations either in person, by phone, by fax, or by mail. Which is what was done in other industries during pre-Internet era of 80s and early 90s

Even though there are proven technologies available, their adoption in healthcare sector is not yet overwhelming. In some respect healthcare is lagging behind other industries by some 20 -30 years

We see significant opportunities for healthcare organizations to innovate, to better differentiate themselves, and what's more important to provide better value for their patients, referring doctors, and their own staff

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Small and Medium Businesses

While many of small and medium businesses are under served, we provide affordable services to help small business owners innovate on the same level as many large enterprises

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