How to make calls on your mobile phone using the Caller ID of your office phone number

Getting started with an OOMA Office app

  1. Download the OOMA Office app (iOS | Android)

  2. Login with your OOMA User Credentials (Number, Ext, Password)

  3. Click on More ...
    (right bottom corner - see below)

  4. Select 'Calling Mode'

  5. Select 'Cellular'

  6. Enter your mobile phone number.
    You will receive a code via text message.
    Copy the code into the app, and press OK.

  7. Click ←
    (left upper corner)

  8. Select 'Call Settings'

  9. Make sure that 'Integrated calling' and 'Phone Recent Support' are checked

  10. Click on 'Keypad' button and you can start making outgoing calls

OOMA Phone Service Reference Guide

Do Not Disturb

✶78 to activate D0-Not-Disturb mode (Phone will not ring)

✶79 to deactivate Do-Not-Disturb mode

Call Hold

Put a call on hold ✶0

Take a call off hold ✶0


Redial last incoming call ✶69

Blind Transfer

  1. Enter 1

  2. Dial a 4-digit extension number

  3. Hang up

Example: 11002 & hang up - to transfer a call to an ext. 1002

Attended Transfer

  1. Put the call on hold by pressing [Flash] and wait for a dial tone

  2. When you hear a dial tone, dial the extension number (e.g., 1002)

  3. Wait for the extension to answer and then pass along the caller’s name

  4. Press 2 then hang up to complete the transfer or
    press [
    Flash] to retrieve the original call and not transfer the call

3-way Conference

  1. Call the 1st number

  2. Once it is connected, press [Flash] button on your phone and wait for a dial tone

  3. When you hear dial tone, dial the 2nd number

  4. Once it is connected, dial ✶3