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A secure platform to enhance your office experience for clients and staff

Beyond email, voicemail, paper forms or fax

Grow Your Business!

  • Attract new clients
  • Grow word-of-mouth referrals
  • Develop stronger relationships with your clients

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We will do all the heavy lifting and guide you through our three-step process

STEP 1. Upgrade Your Company's Image and Client Experience

Great company image and client experience can make a huge difference

Boost the image of how your company and your brand are perceived

Improve how your clients feel about your company

STEP 2. Develop a Powerful Story

The most important story is the one your clients can tell about your company

Leverage your great Client Experience to define an emotional story about how your business touches your clients for your social posts and your ads

STEP 3. Execute a Marketing Campaign

Leverage the best Internet and social media technologies

Select only clients you want to target

Deliver the powerful story about your company

What does the OfficeFLO® platform include?

Sending and receiving documents and records by fax is no fun

Trying to read and make sense of the content sent by fax can be frustrating due to poor readability

EntreUpload® provides secure and easy-to-use online forms for uploading any type of document or file

No user ID or password is required. Mobile device and desktop friendly

An automatic notification is sent out after the upload is completed

All uploaded files are automatically scanned for viruses

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Having to fill out paper forms by hand is no fun

Trying to transcribe and the data manually into relevant systems can introduce human errors and inaccuracies

EntreForms® provides secure online forms that can be easily filled out on a mobile device or a desktop computer

When the form is submitted, an automatic notification is sent out with all the content included in the form

It's easy for staff to track and manage workflow and status of all received forms

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EntreNotes® provides a suite of easy-to-use tools for secure and confidential exchange of content, such as secure email and messaging, Live Chat, self-managed and automated notifications, online payments and billings, as well as public and internal-use websites


Manually adding and tracking people on the waiting list, notifying each person one at a time could be error-prone and time-consuming

Sending out notifications only to relevant people on subjects and topics they are interested in could be tedious if done manually

EntreNotes® provides an easy way for people to subscribe to different types of notifications (e.g., a waiting list, news about new products or services, messages about office delays or closures etc.)

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Tired of dealing with voicemails and playing a phone tag?

EntreCom® providers an easy-to-use flexible phone service at a FRACTION of the cost of the conventional analog telephone services

A service that combines high-quality crystal-clear voice, texting, voicemails with automatic transcription

A service that can be accessed on a state-of-the-art desk phone, on a mobile device app, on a desktop app or in an Internet browser

A service with auto-attendants, automatic schedule for business hours and after-hours as well as flexible call routing

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